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I found source of problem - electric noise from stepper motors and maybe magnetic field too. I put ferrite ring on stepper wires and noise became much more less. Now, mpu6050 at 5cm from motors, work fine. At distances close than 5cm anyway noise is too much and robot freeze. Close to motor wires mpu6050 work fine, but close to motors ir freeze. So I can't place mpu6050 between motors Sad
Again - please help!!
(06-17-2015 07:15 PM)sasa999 Wrote: [ -> ]I found source of problem - electric noise from stepper motors.
The recipe given earlier:
All boards are connected to the CPU board via wires should have electrolytic capacitors!
Additionally, MPU can be screened (eg foil) pre wrapped this board insulating material fee. Foil connect thick cable housings each motor and "-" battery.
I tried capacitors and ground shield , but looks like there magnetic field do something wrong too. Because now mpu6050 work without any problem near to motor wires, but freeze near to motor (3-4 cm). Will try wrap around mpu6050, but strange - authors haven't wrapped gyro in grounding shield and they robot work fine...
You currents of motor windings limited?
Slightly off topic. Interested in your experience working with ESP8266.
(06-17-2015 08:14 PM)KomX Wrote: [ -> ]You currents of motor windings limited?
Yes. If You mean pot on driver board?
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