Full Version: python translation function in blocky code not working.
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I've been playing around with blocky GUI and pybot scara robot arm. I noticed that javascript and XML code is generated, but, python code translation/generation is not working. For example, see the following attachments:
See: BROBOT_Block_programming.png
simple code block to move scara arm.

see: BROBOT_Block_programming-JavaScript Output.png
javascript output working

see: BROBOT_Block_programming- Python example.png
python script not translated

see: BROBOT_Block_programming- XML output example.png
XML code looks to be generated.

I get the same results on chrome, safari, internet explorer browsers.

From that I see in the index.html file for the blocky GUI page, it looks like all three translators; javascript, python, and XML are configured. Is this a known issue? What am I missing to get this to work?

I am definitely not a programmer, but I feel that I know enough to reverse engineer code examples to make my own code. At least I try ;]

I tried to install js2py and translate JS to python. It looked to generate some form of hybrid python code in a working translation, but, I couldn't get it to run :{

Any help or direction in this matter would be appreciated.

BTW - how is the Translate from G-code to Robotic Arm movement feature moving along. That would be one really cool feature to have working on pybot robot arm. It's next on my agenda to research and see if I can get this functionality to work.

Thanks in advance,
Looking at this! Please give us some time, the Covid19 situation is disrupting everything!
(04-20-2020 11:35 AM)JJrobots JP Wrote: [ -> ]Looking at this! Please give us some time, the Covid19 situation is disrupting everything!

No worries at all. Put this on the bottom of your list and get back to me when you can.

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