Full Version: Problem using Samsung Galaxy 10 e
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I am trying to use an Samsung Galaxy 10e to control my Air-hockey Robot. The app starts up correctly but I got the message "The software is made for an older version of Android and may not work".
There is not contact with the arduino so it does'nt work.
The specification of the game is Android 5 and later.
Anybody else having this problem ?
Which Android OS version is your smartphone running?
(02-26-2020 01:53 PM)JJrobots JP Wrote: [ -> ]Which Android OS version is your smartphone running?

My smartphone is running version 10 of Android
I have done more testing of this problem: The JJRobots app on Samsung 10e (Model SM-G970F) works well on "B-ROBOT EVO 2" but not at all on "AIR HOCKEY ROBOT EVO". It doesn't seem to be any connection.
I have tested an old Lenovo tablet (Model TB3-710F, Android 5.0.1) and it works on "AIR HOCKEY ROBOT EVO". The manual operation works fairly well but the tablet is to slow for play.
It seems like the app "AIR HOCKEY ROBOT EVO" is not supporting newer Andoid version or what is the problem? When does support for iPhone come to the app "AIR HOCKEY ROBOT EVO"?

Finally I have found the problem and the app "AIR HOCKEY ROBOT EVO" works now well with Samsung 10e.
Still my question when will the app "AIR HOCKEY ROBOT EVO" support IOS ?
We are currently working on it. But it will take a while. Apple has applied a lot of hardware access limitations for their devices, and accessing to the camera + WIFI of the iOS devices is not easy at all. We expect to release a iOS version within 3-4 weeks.
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