Full Version: Brobot with ESP32 + camera ?
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How possible would it be to add camera support to this project. What I had in mind would be to use the ESP32 port in combination with a board such as this ?


With PSRAM and at least 7 free gpio's it has a good base for the project.
I didnt know that ESP CAM version existed! Which received are you planning to use?

did you do anything in regards of esp32 & camera?

i also had that idea, using a esp32-eye board, and thought about controlling the bot & viewing the video in the webbrowser.
but from my research it would give very low image resolution or slow frame rate / long delay.
which could be compensated by a extra slow driving mode, which would also help against the tilting/viewchange of the camera.

so after that little research i won't try it with esp32/camera.... but curious if you tried it?

Brgds, Martin.
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