Full Version: Blimpduino bootloader problem?
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I have 2 Blimpduino boards. One of the the USB connected was soldered on a little crooked.

I am working on running TinyGo on the board. I am able to flash other SAMD21 boards successfully using bossac but the Adafruit boards also have the UF2 firmware on them.

Anyhow, I flashed the Blimpduino2 board successfully a couple of times, by pressing the reset button twice I was able to get it into the bootloader mode, where D13 pulses.

However, now the serial port will no longer mount on my machine, regardless of clicking twice on the reset. I suspect that the bootloader is somehow no longer able to run,

What can I do to get the board back to a bootable state?
To Reupload the bootloader you will need to use an external programmer (like the ATMEL ICE: https://uk.farnell.com/microchip/atatmel...K-8280252) and connect the wires to the programming pads on the control board,
Alternatively, you can send us the board back (to California) so we can re-upload it for you.
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