Full Version: remote control with arduino's joystick
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Hi everybody,

I've juste receive my order for my teenage classroom, and i'm very happy to program with them.
Some pupils want to modify the control of the robot. They want to control the evo2 with a remote control they would have designed themselfs, like a gamepad but with arduino or esp components.

Can i try to make that with them?
Is there somebody wich can explain me if we can do that and what do we have to do ?

Thank You !

Kad from France!
The ideas of the students are very interesting. I think you should let them try this console!

I'm sorry, i don't understand... what console?
Hi everybody,

i'm always looking after an idea of how to control my robot evo with joystick, is ther's someone who can give me just a way to look after and develop?

Thank you so much.

5Please excuse me for my english...i'm french!
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