Full Version: Changing pin of servo
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I want to modify the servo code of the B-Robot EVO2 to work from the 32u4's Analog Pin 2 instead of Digital Pin 10: https://github.com/jjrobots/B-ROBOT_EVO2...os.ino#L72

There seems to be a lot of complicated bit register logic, which I don't understand well.

According to https://www.arduino.cc/en/Hacking/PinMapping32u4, analog pin 2 is (ADC5/TMS) PF5, and digital pin 10 is (PCINT6/OC1B/OC4B/ADC13) PB6.

I tried changing OC4B (pin 10) to ADC5, TMS, and PF5, but the sketch wouldn't compile.

Does anyone know how to switch the pins?
Alternatively, I can just use the Servo arduino library, but the brobot uses timer 1 and that conflicts with the Servo library. Is there any way to get the BROBOT to use another time for steppers instead of timer 1?
The thing is: The B-robot uses almost the 99% of the 32u4 processor. And both TIMERs to precisely control the Wheels in order to keep the balance. Changing the PIN is not straightforward as it will conflict with... timers.
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