Full Version: My Robot family
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This is my full family of robots. The model on the left is the base old type, with standard electronics ( Arduino Leonardo and Brain boards ) purchased from JJROBOTS, assembled and after modified for using it off-road. Comes with front red led (in the nose) , set ON by iphone forward run command, a little piezo beep that signals back run command and a set of upper white leds for the night run, switched ON and OFF by iphone command. The wheels are from RC cars scale 1:10, modified to accept the stepper shaft. The power supply is from 3 LiPo cells Kokam of 2000 mAh. The model on the right is self made framework ( Forex white, like polistyrene ), and uses the same standard electronics as before described; also the similar power supply unit.I use it as a basis for testing unit for autonomous run and obstacle avoidance. The central model ( mini in size ) is an Arduino's Micro board based and self made framework; the standard software was modified for Atmel Atmega 32u4 controller. The power comes from 2 LiPo cells of 1500mAh. The wheels for normal in house run was from Pololu. All motors are Nema 17 stepper for larger types and NEMA 14 for the smaller. All LiPo cells comes with balancing connector, needed when LiPo is used. I also bought the TouchOSC software to be able to add commands and change the screen appearance of my iphone when needed. Of course all this would not have been possible without the great software made by JJROBOTS team.
Wow! nice family! You should be behind the robots :-D
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