Full Version: Possible to use stepper dirvers with THB6128 chip ?
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I have some Raps128 stepper drivers that I did plan to use on my brain shield.


There is two thisngs that may cause problems?

1. Raps128 need inverted activation signal Enable = HIGH (at Pololu drivers enable = LOW, invert in firmware!) - possible to set in the code?

2. Stepping mode - if default mode is 1/16 that is 1/128 on the Raps128 = to high/low torque

If the default stepping mode on the brain is 1/16 - is it possible to alter the mode?

Or do I have to order some A4988 ?
I have some silensioso stepper drivers that I may try.
Seperate power2.1A, optical shielded, can set stepping mode on the drivers, mont on the motors..
But have to modify the gode to support inverter start signal

My fix:

Cut MS1 and MS2 pins on my stepper drivers (MS1 = Low, Ms2 = low, Ms3 = High = 1/16 stepping mode)

Did reverse Normal mode in the BROBOT_EVO2 file (arduino editor)


Made a test "frame" for my Rower Bot - simple to adjust.. I plan to use this for testing. When I find how I like the setup, I`ll design a new frame.


Now I`ll add a LiPo and start testing/tuning..

I`m going to test a pair of Silensioso stepper drivers for my "Rower" robot.

Mounted on the stepper motors
Seperate power 12-24V max 2.1A
All inputs are opto isolated
Supports 3.3 and 5V logic

= A flexible test plattform, more current and more torque

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