Full Version: quick servo question
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I've found the servo's neutral (middle) position and affixed the arm. Upon startup, the servo moves and then settles in position of about 45 degrees towards the side where the motors connect rather than pointing straight up towards the 'head'. Everything else works great and the IOS app controls everything well.

I'm assuming I should just rotate the arm 45 degrees forward rather than using the middle position?
Check the orientation of the IMU and if the motors cables are not swapped. But the servo should stay in the middle position.
Check that and let us know how it goes.
Let me know if I've got something wrong. Here are photos of the angle the arm ends up in, the motor wiring and the IMU.
Thanks for your help!
Hmmm... everything looks fine. So, yes you should just rotate the arm 45 degrees forward. Keep in mind that the arm should be "parallel" to the floor just after the calibration process, in a neutral position
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