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The problem I am having is the Sharpie will flip up too far and be out of position to be able to draw. I am using a rubber band as a work around and it is working well.
You can modify the separation between the tip of the pen and the egg/ball via the SERVO UP/ SERVO DOWN parameters in the SETUP tab of the EGGBOT extension
hello... I ordered the gyro to support the balancing robot but have not installed it yet.
The unit draws GREAT but the pen servo moves the same speed regardless what I set on the timing page. I have also created a mini-painter that uses and UNO,an adafruit shield and longrunner motors that does not draw well but I do have good control of the servo.

turnkey pcb
I'm looking for a solution to this problem as well. I've set the servo pen up and down speed to single digits and it still throws the pen back half the time. The robot draws flawlessly (after upgrading the pivoting arm to use the extra bearings) but having to sit here and babysit the pen to make sure it doesn't flip up and stay there really sucks lol. I'm guessing there is something with the hardware? but not sure. I'd be happy to provide any extra help to clear this up
I added a rubber band doubled over to keep the pen from flipping over
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