Full Version: X Motor not moving properly (nothing to do with belts)
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Everything is installed, and assembled. X Motor only moves.. like 1/2 a step.

Swapped X and Y Motors, and it works correctly in other position, but once wired into the X Position with the wires (or even off with wires) the pulley only moves 1/2 a step.

Pen only goes up and down, tested with both belt on and off..

Even swapped the drivers and same thing.

Sorry forgot to mention, I also compiled a fresh 1.08 and uploaded to the board as well to test, same thing.. Y motor moves fine, X motor only does 1/2 a step.
Hi, what do you mean with "Pen only goes up and down, tested with both belt on and off..", you mean, the servo lifter? Can you upload a photo of your set-up please? (cables connected and belts)
Are the stepper motor drivers placed correctly? Can you try to swap them? (motor1 <-> motor2)

The Y Axis (the motor controlling the pen) will allow it to move up and down when sending the code to "write" on the glass.

The X axis (motor controlling the left and right movement) will not move more than 1/2 a step (i.e it only turns one 1/2 a step) when trying to write, so it only tries to write up and down.

I've tried swapping Motor 1 and 2, tried swapping connectors, tried swapping the stepper driver (red board), I've tried other NEMA 17 motors as well (I have a lot of spares for my 3d printers)

It's all the same, when any NEMA 17 motor is connected to the X Axis port (the left and right movement) it will not turn when trying to write.

Please see attached pictures.

Just checking but...is the X-axis stuck? Can you move it without friction? that is the only possibility here.
We have discarded:
1) Faulty motor
2) Faulty stepper motor driver

Try this: upload the CLEAR EEPROM example code from the Arduino IDE to the Arduino. Then, again the iboardbot code and configure everything again.
AND: check the Arduino Leonardo pins, maybe there is a faulty/broken soldered pin not letting the control signal to get to the Brain shield. I would discard a Brain shield problem. They are quite sturdy.
Hey John,

Thanks for the additional troubleshooting steps, unfortunately, its not the belt tension, it moves freely with the belt (I've also tested it all without the belts attached as well to see if that was the case)

I'm hoping it's not the brain board, I'll double check all the connections on the board itself and the brain board tonight when I have it handy.
okay, clearing eeprom doesn't do anything.

to further diagnose, what's happening when you send the code (image to draw) it'll send it, the pen motor will move up and down, servos are working (wiper goes to side), and bottom servo, pushes against the glass and etc.

the motors are movable/turn by hand when its not engaged (i.e drawing) as the current locks the stepper.

once it's drawing, the motor only moves like in video below.

any other steps to test, to validate whats wrong?
I would blame the Arduino Leonardo. The Brain shield is bomb-proof. You should contact jjrobots directly (or do you have any other Arduino Leonardo around?)
I just ordered a few Leonardos -- should be here in a few days.

I only have Unos and Megas handy unfortunately.
Not the LEO Board... tested 3 new ones that came from amazon.. still does same thing.. going to send email to jj again and see.
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