Full Version: Custom Size air hockey table
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Kindly answer me for the following questions as soon as possible. It is very urgent.

1) I have planned a custom size table of (120CM x 90CM). Would I need to change anythig in your Arduino Code to work the robot perfectly? Where to make changes in coding.

2) Or any other modifications needed? Kindly mention those very clearly for my table size.

3) Does arduino code already uploaded?? or which code I want to upload I have lot of codes such as AHrobotevo,Network,robot,steppers. So make me clear which code I need to upload to the arduino board.
If you are going to modify the size of the air hockey robot you will need to understand a little the Arduino code. Thankfully, the jjrobots app allows you to adjust the size of the table manually using the CALIBRATION OPTION on the APP.
The size of the original table was smaller of your alternative, so you will maybe need to change the motors and other hardware elements in order to make the robot more powerful and reduce the friction

What do you mean with "Does arduino code already uploaded??"
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