Full Version: How many robots can run in parallel?
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I plan to buid several B-Robots with our kids group.
Does someone know if it will be possible to run up to 8 of them in parallel?
For sure each with an own controller...

Thanks in advance.

I have controlled 8 at the same time and no problems at all. And yes, we were racing with them (4 adults vs 4 kids, you do not know the outcome!)

As far as I know there is no limitation as the ESP module is in charge of negotiating the IP address
Hope this helps
Since the network name is based on the mac address, the maximum number of B-robots in the same environment is 255, before a duplicate occurs in the network name.
In some cases it is possible to find public network names in the case of similar mac addresses.

I do not think you'll ever have 255 B-Robots in the same room.
Thanks to both answers! 8 are pretty okay for what I plan to do. ;-)
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