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i purchased the JJRObot Kit and started to build the BROBOT like in the assembly video.

After i started the Brobot , the arm was moving a little and the wheels where moving a little bit. Then i "helped" the robot to stand up but it felt over and the wheels where moving... then it stands up but i felt on the other side... it does 10 times i thing before it stops moving everything....

So i think its a balancing problem.

I connected the Brobot to my computer and startet it over USB and looked at the Serial Monitor ... there was written "Blabla Calibrating dont move" MPU6050 Error -11

Could someone please help me with this?

I´ve checke all connections and stuff but i have no clou about programming arduino etc.

If you need mor informations, pls let me know and sorry for my bad english.

Hi Greetz,
It looks there is a problem with the IMU, please check the i2c cable connected to the Brain shield. Can you upload a photo of that cable already connected and a video of the B-robot during the start-up procedure please?

sorry for my really late repy.

Actually i have no time to make some pictures or a video... maybe next week or so.

best regards
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