Full Version: Is there a data sheet for the Brain Shield ?
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Hello Everyone,

I have been searching though all the forums and every where on the site is there any type of data sheet for this board ?

Here you go
Thanks, That helps a bit but i was thinking something more like what I have attached. Smile

Hello from Russia! Your project is wonderful! Can you give a drawing a printed circuit board Brain Shield? I do not have the oportunity to buy this. Sorry for my English.
Hi Jeriho, what do you mean?
Hi! to create a B-robot I need an electronic shield of the brain. I can make it myself. Need a picture board. Can you give it? Do you produce it yourself? https://www.jjrobots.com/product/b-robot...in-shield/
Well, our partner manufacture the Brain shields in California but we can not send the naked PCB is that what you mean. BUT the EAGLE file is available at GITHUB. I think this is it: https://github.com/jjrobots/B-ROBOT_EVO2...lectronics
I can not check it now as I am writing this from my smartphone but GITHUB has everything you need.
Dear administrator, thank you for the link, but this is not exactly what I need. I need a picture of PCB, like here: http://ligis.ru/images/1.gif http://ok-t.ru/studopediaru/baza10/15587...age012.jpg Can you give this picture? I myself can make the PCB. Thank you for your cool projects!
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