Full Version: Problem with Wifi_Config and Wemos D1 mini (ESP8266)
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When I put the B_ROBOT_WIFI_CONFIG.ino to Leonardo and connect the wemos D1 mini (RX, TX), Access Point doesn't init.

In Serial Monitor i don't see config parameters (IP, SSID, ...)
I only see basic Prints :

Factory Reset...
Wifi configuration...


The module should be ready to use!

ECHO MODE (to test)

Can someone helps me please ? thx.
If you see the JJrobot network from your smartphone, try connecting whit the password "123456".
If you're successful, upload the sketch of the B-robot, connect the servo to Leonardo, open the OSC (JJROBOT) on the smartphone, connected to wifi, and try to command the servo from the application.
Hi PaoloP, thanks for reply.

Unfortunately, can't see the "JJROBOT" SSID.
It seems that the programming of the ESP by Leonardo is not done.

here is the connections :

Leonardo (12v) <=> Wemos D1 mini (regulated 5v)
RX <=============> TX
TX <=============> RX
GND for both.

If I take an other Wemos, upload exemple Wifi AP Sketch from Arduino IDE, connect Wemos to Leonardo and upload B_ROBOT_WIFI_CONFIG.ino to Leonardo, Wemos not updates to "JJROBOT" SSID, it keeps "ESPAP" SSID from wifi exemple sketch.

have you got an idea ?

You cannot use a Wemos ESP8266 board. It is ment to be used with the Arduino IDE.
You have to use a "vergin" ESP8266, which contains the standard AT command firmware.
The Arduino Leonardo, loaded with the BROBOT_EVO2.ino file takes care of programming the ESP8266, which remains in the normal running mode.
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