Full Version: Choice of Tape for Fastening IMU to Wifi Module?
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My B-robot arrived today. The instructions say to use the double-sided tape to attach the IMU to the top of the wifi module. Problem: I did not receive double-sided tape. Does it matter what kind of double-sided tape I use? I have the usual foam stuff, which is a little under 1/16" thick. I don't want to overheat anything.
I saw the assembly video. Looked like plain old foam tape, so that's what I used.

Unfortunately, my robot came without plastic eyes, so it will probably bump into things all the time.
The double side tape should be inside the IMU´s bag. It is double side stick foam (strong. for outdoors use). Like this one: https://goo.gl/zZ9z5e

Let us know your order ID and we will send you some :-)
"it will probably bump into things all the time" :-D , and some googly eyes too!
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