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hello i have a problem common to other users I completed my iBoard bot and I have the famous problem of the yellow LED that flashes why not connected to the internet tells me I should download the file bots board ino and install it on leonardo board but on your site I can not find it and when I find it is not compatible with arduino iDE program I use to compile the file where I ino the iboardbot code and compile as you can give me clear instructions to solve the problem I'm going crazy?[/font]
If you have uploaded the code to the Arduino and everything went fine (set the right wifi SSID and password), the only thing the iBoardbot needs is a good internet connection (no proxies or internet blocked in any way), you can try sharing your smartphones internet network and connect the iBoardbot to it.

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thing and SSID = id client? coem and I go inside? I use the name of my Internet line or something
hello I am finally able to register and now I id bots board and running application remains a problem wi fi card connects but not internet I successfully installed on the boardbot ino code but the yellow light and always flashing and the internet I tell me offline I tried to write the code of my wi fi modem but rejects and accepts a code on your sito7654321 when I insert it in place of the modem pasword accepts code but not access me why?
Hi j pedroc i've already written many times i always have the problem of orange flashing light i followed assembly and configuration but the light always blinks i have your wi fi card purchased on your site i followed many times your instructions i registered for the application We app I wanted to ask you can put a tutorial to enter the arduino codes i did it seems to be all but the light flashes I always regained the card but nothing I followed all the procedures because the light is flashing? What is the cause you can help me I checked in the forum but no one can answer me I ask you to send me an answer on the exact procedure to enter the codes board boards and give me the reasons why the light continues to blink and is not fixed you say? The configuration but what? You can tell me if someone has made it and can help me I did everything that was written step by step because i can not find the solution i also inserted the password of your wi fi card 87654321 instead do not accept the password of my modem wi fi why where wrong you can do A video tutorial on this?
... I am not sure I am understanding your message. I miss some commas or points... Smile Looks like the iboardbot does not have internet access.

Have you tried to connect the iboardbot to your smartphone internet network? (just in case the WIFI you are trying to connect to, right now has a sort of proxy or firewall)

Try this: turn off your router, start the iBoardbot and let it try to connect for a minute or so. After not being able, the iboardbot will set back to factory configuration so you can start setting it up from the beginning. Now, try to connect it to your smartphone┬┤s internet network
Hello i tried it both with the phone and with the router, i have the board bots, i put the files in the bot board ino and registered the code by creating the profile. When asking me the internet password does not accept that of the router But only the password from you dated 87654321, the card works because it is displayed but the connection to make it work is not present. For example, if I write a message and send it with the application both from the phone and the PC, the machine does not move, and I would like to understand why the arduino card's yellow light flashes continuously? How do I make it fixed? And due to the connection's fault? I forgot some procedure I did everything but it seems like an internet network problem if I can connect it the yellow light becomes fixed?
I ask you if you can, put on your site a video that specifies how to schedule the arduino card, and set up the web app with registration so as to avoid any doubt as many people like me who can not understand how to connect. I think I've done everything but surely something goes wrong with a video I can understand what does not go, it could also serve other users who like me have difficulty thanking.
The thing here is: the orange led should stay solid, not blinking at all. Blinking means the iboardbot is not connected to the internet (firewall/proxy blocking the connection, or the password/ssid is not the correct one)
Keep in mind that after connecting your computer or tablet/smartphone to the iboardbot (using the password: 87654321) you will need to tell it your router SSID and password:
Take a look to this link : http://ibbapp.jjrobots.com/wizard/helpconfig.html
thank I try!
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