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hello i have a problem common to other users I completed my iBoard bot and I have the famous problem of the yellow LED that flashes why not connected to the internet tells me I should download the file bots board ino and install it on leonardo board but on your site I can not find it and when I find it is not compatible with arduino iDE program I use to compile the file where I ino the iboardbot code and compile as you can give me clear instructions to solve the problem I'm going crazy?[/font]
If you have uploaded the code to the Arduino and everything went fine (set the right wifi SSID and password), the only thing the iBoardbot needs is a good internet connection (no proxies or internet blocked in any way), you can try sharing your smartphones internet network and connect the iBoardbot to it.

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thing and SSID = id client? coem and I go inside? I use the name of my Internet line or something
hello I am finally able to register and now I id bots board and running application remains a problem wi fi card connects but not internet I successfully installed on the boardbot ino code but the yellow light and always flashing and the internet I tell me offline I tried to write the code of my wi fi modem but rejects and accepts a code on your sito7654321 when I insert it in place of the modem pasword accepts code but not access me why?
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