Full Version: The motors spin slowly and constantly.
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I have several problems:

1. The calibration time takes so long around 70 seconds. What causing it?

2. At first, the robot works fine (not using wifi). Then after several minutes, the motors spin slowly and constantly in one direction. No balancing activities again. How to overcome this?

3. I also try the auto-rise feature without servo arm. But the robot moves forward like an RC car. It cannot rise. What parameter should I change? I've changed this part:
if ((angle_adjusted < 90) && (angle_adjusted > -90))

But it still moves in horizontal. Is it because my motors are not strong enough?

My motor has 40Ncm torque and current limit of 1.7 A per phase. And I use A4988 stepstick driver. It has Rs of 0.1 Ohm. So I calculate the Vref to limit the current to 1.5A:

Vref=1.5A*8*0.1 Ohm= 1.2 V

The drivers are buzzing quite loud though.
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