Full Version: Motor step angle 3,6 °
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Hello! I engines have different parameters (step angle 3,6 °). What you need to change the program to work properly?
Replace this code constant 46 -> 23 and 23 -> 12
  speed = speed_M1 * 46; // Adjust factor from control output speed to real motor speed in steps/second
  speed = speed_M1 * 23; // 1/8 Microstepping
Thank you! I installed it. And unless this is not necessary to do:

#define MICROSTEPPING 8  // 8 or 16 for 1/8 or 1/16 driver microstepping (default:16)
not 16, but 8?
Very strong jerks and falls.
You engine therefore takes a big step, but you also put 8 microsteps.
That it was just like the original, do not change anything in the code (leave 46 and 23). Select the code 16 microsteps and, if you have an engine driver DRV8825, set the jumpers 32 microstepping.
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