Full Version: How Tall can B-Robots Be?
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I am waiting on a couple of B-Robot kits to test the possibility of making TALL B-Robots. But while I wait I'd like to pose a theoretical question.

Instead of placing a can of beer on the B-Robot (which you claim is possible with the B-Robot), can I place a 6 foot tall foam tube? It would be lighter than a can of beer.

Another related question? Since the B-Robot is an "inverted pendulum" where should the weight be place in a tall bot?

In other words, in a 6 foot bot, the only components that have to be at the bottom are the wheels, stepper motors, and IMU. The rest of the electronics, including the batteries, could be 6 foot up at the top of the bot.

Any thoughts on making tall B-Robots?

Remo Campopiano
I guess, you will have to adjust the PID parameters in order to make it "controllable". Keep in mind that even using a lighter element on top of the B-robot, the new centre of gravity will come up . I am sure it will work and the B-robot will be stable (and funny to watch...)

The batteries: they are the heaviest element in the B-robot, I would not place them too high... But that is what my mind says. Maybe, it is like when you try to balance an inverted broom with your hand: the higher the weight is, the better.

Let us know if you try this
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