Full Version: [FIXED] A Couple of Problems
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I got the robot assembled and connected, but am having some drawing problems. I haven't yet got clear text.

1) Since I got the basic kit, the servos weren't pre-calibrated. Should I just remove the arms, let everything start up, and then fix the arms as they are in the troubleshooting step 1?

2) One of my stepper motor drivers came without a screw. Also, when I placed the carriage in the home position and sent something to draw, it kept trying to go left, even though the pins were inserted as in the instructions (blue wire to the right if the wifi chip is to the left). I switched the pins of both stepper motors and now things seem to be going the right directions.

3) Sometimes the text appears 'shifted' as if it draws part of a letter and then goes to the right and then draws the rest.

4) It seems like the tops of letters are missing while the bottoms of letters are drawn correctly. Please advise.
attach some photos. They help a lot.
1) Yes, remove the arms and fix them as indicated in the troubleshooting
2) That´s weird! but cool you dealt with it.
3) photo!
4) photo!
3 & 4 sounds like a lose belt or you have to adjust the screws. but a photo will say it all i guess. Smile
Hello - We were able to get the servos adjusted pretty close and now it's drawing, but upside down. I tried switching the connections, but didn't get good results.

Here are two drawings that I did of the word Hello. Everything is the same, except that I switched the stepper motor drivers. Since it's getting different results for each, I'm thinking that the missing screw is important.

X axis driver has the screw, y axis driver missing.
[Image: Screw%20on%20x%20axis%20driver.jpeg?dl=0]

Y axis driver has the screw, x axis missing.
[Image: Screw%20on%20y%20axis%20driver.jpeg?dl=0]

[Image: Board.jpeg?dl=0]

Also I should mention my power supply is rated only 1.2 amps, although it doesn't seem like the problems drawing are due to a lack of power.

Here are direct links to the images.


Just to see what happens: swap the stepper motor drivers. Looks like you are right, the screw could be the origin of the issue. The connections look ok.
By the way: the belts seems to be a little bit loose.
Send to the jjrobots guys an email if the stepper motor driver is faulty, they will replace it for sure.
I've played around with it a bit and the problem is clearly one of the stepper motor drivers. When I place the driver with the screw on the y axis, then the letters are all properly formed but spaced really close on top of each other. (ie, not enough x axis movement). When I place the driver with the screw on the x axis, then I get 5 perfectly spaced lines (ie, improper y axis movement).
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